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Soft Cabin Bag


Picking the perfect Soft Cabin Bag has a world of benefits.

There are two clear types of cabin bags. Hard and soft. Similarly, in the great taco debate (hard or soft shell), most importantly, it all depends on your preferences and needs.

Omis Soft Cabin Bag Quasar Hard Shell Cabin bag

A Soft Cabin Bag with a flexible outer shell.

Here’s a scenario for you. Your work requires you to travel 48 hours every month, and now you have grown accustomed to going away for work. The only thing you need now is for the journey to be easy and comfortable for you. Since you will only be there for a couple of days, you want to make the most of your time.

So you invest in a Soft Cabin Bag. As soon as you reach your hotel room, you open up your suitcase and find everything. It is organized with the most excellent precision. For instance, make use of the soft case’s multiple compartments and slip pockets. The soft cabin bag was definitely the one you needed. Above all, it made it easy for you to go in and out of that plane. You could easily place it in the overhead compartment and into the taxi’s car boot. It also kept your belongings as tidy as you’d like them. You even got an extra hour of sleep each morning without having to hunt through your bag for your conference essentials.

Invest In A Soft Cabin Bag If:

Do you want an easy life? The flexible fabric shells of soft cabin bags make them easier to store and fit under seats, or in the boot of your car. As well as, the overhead compartments of your aeroplane.

Worried about weight restrictions? You can usually find soft cabin bags that are super lightweight.

London Fog Suitcase Camberley_front

London Fog Cabin Case Camberley

This striking London Fog cabin case collection features a bold, traditional pattern with complementing rose gold accents on the hardware.

Last Minute shopping? A bag with a flexible outer can be manipulated to accommodate last-minute additions to your bag such as that oddly-shaped bottle of tequila.

Do you like to be organised?  Packing and unpacking soft cabin bags is a breeze thanks to their multitude of pockets, compartments, and organizational features.

What Not To Pack In Your Cabin Bag.

When travelling through UK airports, there are a number of restrictions for not only your cabin luggage but your hold luggage too. The best UK airport guide to cabin bag restrictions we could find can be found here. For hand luggage the main limitation is liquids. You know the drill: fill a resealable clear plastic bag with all liquids in your cabin and handbags (maximum of 100ml liquids per bottle) to pass through security. Countries outside the UK may have different restrictions to bear in mind when packing your cabin bag so you’ll have to do your research before travelling through an airport overseas.

21 Inch Suitcase – Omis by Gino Ferrari green

21 Inch Suitcase – Omis by Gino Ferrari is the perfect partner for your next trip. 

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