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Accuracy of Content:

At Xplore, we try to ensure product information is as accurate as possible at the time of publishing, however even with our best efforts we cannot guarantee that no errors were made. We have made an effort to show accurate product information with regards to weights, dimensions and descriptions however this site may include inaccuracies and/or typographical errors. Xplore Luggage shall not be liable for the use of the site, including the content and any errors contained within. 

With regards to cabin luggage restrictions between airlines, whilst we make an effort to provide accurate information Xplore Luggage shall not be liable for any airlines applying different cabin standards. Xplore Luggage shall not be liable for any airports/airlines changing their cabin restrictions and the consequences of this. It is also important to state that whilst we use professional photography some screen resolutions and displays may not accurately show specific colour shades.  

Xplore reserves the right to continuously edit, upgrade and improve website content at any given time. Changes should not disrupt the customer shopping experience.


The price of products you order is displayed on individual product pages before purchase and on confirmation emails following an online purchase. All prices include VAT. 

If there was an error on the price of products ordered, we will let you know as soon as possible and offer you the option of ordering at the correct price or cancelling your order. If payment has already come out at the incorrect price or you choose to cancel we will refund the amount taken, or if you want to keep the product, refund the extra amount taken. 

The Order Process: 

The Xplore order process includes:  


At present on Xplore payments will be taken through PayPal payment gateway where the following are accepted: 

Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Xplore Luggage remains the owner of goods until a full payment of the items have been received. 


All content on this website or any other platforms owned by our parent company is only used with permission granted by the owner. If you wish to use any content uploaded to the Xplore Luggage site, then get in touch using:  

Questions, complaints and anything else: 

If you have anything which you need to get in contact with Xplore about, feel free to contact a member of our customer service team.

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