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At Xplore, we have a wide variety of accessories to make everyday life easier. Browse the Xplore range of accessories including small leather goods, folios and various gift ideas. With a range of accessories to choose from, whether it’s a purchase for yourself or a gift for someone else.

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Accessories Introduction

The term accessories is broad and encompass a wide range of products, specifically speaking in terms of travel goods this includes purses, wallets and card holders. Accessories describe small, personal belongings that complement everyday life whether travelling or not, that generally belong in bags, luggage or pockets.

With a range of accessories to choose from, whether it’s a purchase for yourself or a gift for someone else, it’s important to consider how this will fit into the person’s life in terms of what they will be carrying around with them and if there’s enough room. Arguably the most important accessory is the one you carry around all the time, somewhere safe to keep your cards and cash usually in the form of a purse, wallet or card holder.

Accessories History:

Wallets & Purses

Wallets first came around following the introduction of paper currency in the late 1600s, as a storage solution for carrying cash, prior to this many used a drawstring bag to keep their metal coins safe. However, wallets did not look like what they do today and weren’t exclusively used for money purposes. Wallets were originally used by early industrial Americans and were commonly worn on a belt to keep treasures, personal items and even dry meat separated from other belongings.
The slim and spacious wallet as we know it today with several card slots was later introduced in the 1950s shortly following the invention of the first credit card. Apart from some variation in styles and colours, wallets stayed the same up until the late 20th century, when the All-ett bifold wallet was introduced, changing the accessory game by significantly reducing the bulkiness of these accessories. Although designs evolved over the years and welcomed the introduction the Velcro fastening or the wallet on a chain, the next big change came from the introduction of RFID technology, created to block digital theft from contactless cards from “skimmers”.


Following the trend of accessories becoming even less bulky, and due to people not carrying cash with them in recent years, there has been an increase in the sales of compact card holders for both men & women. It’s not sure when this trend started exactly but due to payment apps such as Apple pay and in general ladies’ handbags getting smaller, card holders are gradually replacing the wallet and purse. With reports showing at the end of 2018, luxury leather brands were seeing sales on leather card holders up 50% year on year. Some have zips, some have coin pouches and some simply have multiple card slots. Regardless of the style, the slim and minimal design is definitely here to stay.

Different Types of Accessories

There are various different styles of wallets and purses, while all serve the same purpose it is largely down to personal preference. Unlike luggage and the great hard vs soft debate, a large difference is in the design. Ranging from bi-fold, tri-fold, travel wallets, and super slim styles there is a huge variation. Whether you want to buy a wallet, cardholder or purse apart from design and budget, the variable to consider is material.
Whether you fancy a leather accessory that’s going to last for years to come, or don’t want to invest and are happy with a cheaper and still durable alternative such as faux leather, canvas, cotton and many more, there are plenty of option on the market, with one for every budget and style.


A pocket-sized accessory for holding cash, coins and credit cards.

Imagine the scenario. You’ve been through 2 credit cards this year already because one snapped in your back pocket. Not to mention the last time you went for drinks after work in that crammed pub in central Leeds, you were the victim of someone using your contactless card to pay for their round which you didn’t realise until days after. If you happen to have some cash on you this also goes in a pocket, but you can never remember which one. Which has ended up with some soggy bank notes, more frequently that you’d like to admit. If this is ringing bells, then a wallet is the next sensible purchase for you. With plenty of credit slots for storage, a compartment for notes or receipts, some even with a coin pouch, you’ll wonder how you came this far without one. With most wallets these days featuring some form of RFID blocking technology, you can also have peace of mind when using a contactless card.

Invest In A Wallet If:

• Keeping your cards and cash in your pocket is becoming too risky.
• You want something compact to keep your essentials together.
• You carry several cards with you. Wallets are likely to range from 6-12+ card slots making it easy to store all your plastic compactly.


Historically feminine accessory for holding cash, coins and credit cards.

Imagine the scenario. You’ve learned the hard way to always some spare cash on you but you live a busy life and have got used to throwing spare change in your bag, and now bag you’re using you can hear the change jingling around in the bottom of the lining. You use public transport almost every day for work and can never find your annual pass to scan, it’s same with your student card, you know it’s in there somewhere. Sound familiar? If you got a lot of cards to carry as well as some spare change, then a purse will help organise your life. In different shapes, materials and sizes to suit your personal taste, with numerous card slots, zipped section and note/receipt compartment you will not regret purchasing this compact companion.

Invest In A Purse If:

• The inside of your bag has got too messy and you need to keep everything in one organised place.
• You use the same cards frequently so knowing where they’re kept is a win.
Card holders.
• A slim, minimal accessory designed to hold essential cards and cash

Imagine the scenario. You live a busy life, and your purse is letting you down. It’s over-stuffed, full of receipts and old loyalty cards that never got you that free coffee. Supposed to be an everyday essential, but it’s getting too bulky for your pocket and doesn’t fit into your new, on-trend micro bag so have resulted in just taking a couple of cards and cash but this doesn’t feel like the safest idea. If this sounds familiar, then a card holder is definitely the next accessory for you. Due to its compact and minimalist style, it’s forced you to clean out the clutter and only bring around with you what you actually need. Card holders are generally slim in style and fit into most pockets, as well as all your bags when you want to switch things up.

Invest In A Card Holder If:

• You don’t need to carry much, minimal is your style.
• The same cards are used regularly, having them together is just easier.
• You don’t want anything bulky that could weigh down your bag or pocket.

Factors In Choosing An Accessory

• Storage – check how many credit card slots there are, and where money will be stored.
• Zippers and Hardware – check the zippers are strong and feel easy to open and close.
• Security – Know what features there are for security such as RFID protection and the type of closure.
• Size – ensure the size is suitable for wear you want to store the accessory e.g. pockets, handbags etc.
• Material – ensure the material choice is suitable for your budget and what you need.

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