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This Bi-Fold Genuine mens leather wallet offers plenty of space for all your cards and ID.  It is the perfect storage solution. Leather wallets like this one from Pierre Cardin are timeless, stylish, and comfortable for everyday use. 



Travel and work confidently knowing that your data, personal information, and identity are secure.  

In order to protect our customers’ personal information, our wallets are equipped with cutting-edge RFID protection. This prevents hackers from accessing your financial information electronically by interrupting the radio waves. The perfect men’s RFID wallet.


We make our wallets from premium leather. Above all, it is both luxurious and long-lasting because we believe you deserve nothing but the best. The leather of your wallet will soften as it ages, moulding to your pocket perfectly. In addition, it will develop a unique character.  


A bi-fold men’s leather wallet has a unique easy-to-use design. For instance, 8 credit card slots, 2 internal receipt pockets, 2 individual note sections with a Fully lined interior and a Pierre Cardin logo embossed front.  

Mens Leather Wallet: pocket-sized accessory for holding cash, coins and credit cards.

Imagine the scenario.

You’ve been through 2 credit cards this year already because one snapped in your back pocket. Not to mention the last time you went for drinks after work in that crammed pub in central Leeds, you were the victim of someone using your contactless card to pay for their round which you didn’t realise until days after.

If you happen to have some cash on you this also goes into a pocket, but you can never remember which one. Which has ended up with some soggy bank notes, more frequently than you’d like to admit. Does this is ringing bells? A wallet is the next sensible purchase for you.

Invest In A Wallet If:

Keeping your cards and cash in your pocket is becoming too risky.
Are you wanting something compact to keep your essentials together?
Do you carry several cards with you? Wallets are likely to range from 6-12+ card slots making it easy to store all your plastic compactly.

At Xplore, we have a wide variety of accessories to make travelling and everyday life easier. Browse the Xplore range of accessories. Find the perfect genuine leather wallet today.

Founded in 1950, with a global brand and iconic logo, Pierre Cardin has been a revolutionary designer for more than half a century. Read more about Pierre Cardin.


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