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In collaboration with Modrec International, A2B was launched with the goal of providing a simple and affordable travel bag. From the beginning of your journey to the end destination, A2B is here to enhance your travel experience. Helping you to get from A 2 B. Every year, millions of people travel on holiday, which is why A2B offers simple, no-frills luggage. Whether travelling with family or friends for the summer holidays or weekends away, there is a style and size to suit you. Travel bags from A2B are stylish, high-quality, and affordable.

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A2B Cabin Case

At Xplore, we know more and more people are travelling with only cabin bags these days. That’s why we have dedicated a category to our wide range of Cabin Bags, and cabin-friendly suitcases.

A2B Medium Luggage

Medium luggage is perfect for 7-day trips. At Xplore Luggage, we know more and more people are travelling these days.

Large Luggage

Large luggage is perfect for 10-14+ day trips away.

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