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With the versatility of backpacks, you can carry anything you need on the go, whether you're commuting every day, travelling on business or using them as lightweight hand luggage. Browse the Xplore range of backpacks for various styles. It's easy to take part in a variety of different activities with Xplore. Our mission is to make innovative products accessible and affordable while offering outstanding value. Invest In A Backpack: Travel hands-free. A versatile bag that can seamlessly transition to different environments. Backpacks are usually soft and squishy and don’t take up a lot of room. You will be organised and would utilize various pockets and compartments on the inside and out.

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A material accessory worn across the back secured by straps over the shoulders.

Picture the scenario.

You commute to work every day, and changing at the Piccadilly line during rush hour is a routine part of your commute. Getting from A to B with all your gear can be tricky with all the hustle and bustle, so sometimes you end up walking halfway, cycling when it’s sunny, or getting an Uber.

You’re only going to work, so not that much to carry right? The only things you’ll need are folders, your laptop or tablet, lunch, a book to read during downtime, headphones, a water bottle, and a change of clothes and shoes so you can go to the gym immediately after work. Sound relatable? So a versatile backpack would be a great choice. The weight of your backpack is evenly distributed, and the straps are adjusted for the perfect fit, not to mention the padded backrest enables a comfortable, hands-free trip whatever you’re up to.

It’s smart enough for the office and suitable for the swift transition to life outside of work. With a durable exterior, and various zipped and elasticated pockets, you don’t have to worry about everyday wear and tear or when reaching for your essentials zipped away mid-journey, as it’s easy to organise with several pockets. Whether you’re cycling to work, squished against other people on the tube, or your backpack is wedged into a storage compartment or in the back of a taxi, there’s no need to worry about your beloved tech. Your bag has a padded compartment to protect tablets and laptops, providing peace of mind throughout travel time. A practical piece, a backpack is something everyone should own.


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