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Pierre Cardin

Our parent company Modrec International is the exclusive licensee of Brand for the UK and plays a role in contributing to Pierre Cardin's global reach. The Xplore collection includes wheeled holdalls, hard shell suitcases, and a wide range of leather good accessories.

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Wheeled Holdalls

  • Various carry options. They usually have top carry handles, and a removable shoulder strap as well as some wheeled styles.
  • Holdalls are usually soft-sided resulting in even larger holdalls being lighter than hard-sided suitcases.
  • Easy to store and doesn’t take up that much room when it’s not being used.
  • Maximize space. Due to the soft material construction, you can manipulate the shape of the bag and easily see where there is spare space available.


At Xplore Luggage, we know more and more people are travelling these days. That’s why we have dedicated a category to our wide range of suitcases.


At Xplore, we have a wide variety of travel accessories to make everyday life easier. Browse the Xplore range including small leather goods and various gift ideas. With a range of accessories to choose from, whether it’s a purchase for yourself or a gift for someone else. Above all, it is important to consider how this will fit into the person’s life.

Founded in 1950, with a global brand and iconic logo, Pierre Cardin has been a revolutionary designer for more than half a century. Before founding his own fashion house, the Italian-born French designer showed interest in fashion from a young age and gained varied, valuable experience. From working under Christian Dior to working on the 1946 film La Belle et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast), Cardin worked his way up before venturing out on his own, going on to create his couture lines and later opening his first shop in France. Read more about Pierre Cardin

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