Hard Cabin Bags

Browse the Xplore range of Cabin Hard Luggage. With various colours, finishes and styles available there is something for everyone. We know more and more people are travelling with only a cabin bag these days. That’s why we have dedicated a category to our wide range of hand luggage, cabin-friendly cases. Find your perfect cabin bag to bring on board or for your next trip away. Hand luggage, cabin baggage, carry-on. Don’t get confused, they are all the same bit of kit. They are all items of luggage you take with you into the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Invest In A Hard Cabin Bag If:

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Hard Cabin Bags

A cabin bag with a rigid outer shell.


The train is packed to the gills with passengers headed to Manchester Airport, so you must leave your cabin bag on the luggage rack on the other side of the carriage. Not even in view. Thank goodness you have a padlock on your bag to keep you safe (dang, you’ve got your expensive work equipment inside). People really throw their luggage on that rack, too, and oh, someone soaked in that torrential rain outside just put their bag on top of yours, dripping muddy water everywhere. It was definitely a hard cabin suitcase that you needed. 

Your expensive work electronics are protected from other people’s carelessness and rain. With a wipe of a wet wipe, you can roll onto that plane as smartly as you wish to convey yourself to the person at the other end, eager to shake your hand and discuss business.

Invest In A Hard Cabin Bag If:

  • You want a bag that can stand up to wear and tear, trip after trip.
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of time or effort cleaning it.
  • Near water resistance eases your mind when taking your belongings out of the safety of your own home.
  • Your breakables within will be most likely protected, in the likelihood that your case falls over or is impacted by another in the mayhem of travel.
  • There are no outer pockets making your case easy prey for theft. Padlock it up, and you’re all set.
  • Hard cabin bags are most likely to have 4 wheels, making them easy to manoeuvre around.

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