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5 Reasons to Enjoy a Winter Sun Holiday


Dreaming of a Winter Sun Holiday? We are slowly but surely coming to the end of summer and beginning to feel the effects of the approaching cold. This has you absolutely dreading winter, doesn’t it? You’re certainly not the only one feeling this way! It’s no secret that European beach holidays are popular with those who can’t stand the cold, rain, or dark nights, and prefer warmer climates, brighter skies, and sunnier shores.

Having trouble making up your mind? We’ve put together 5 reasons for you to enjoy a winter sun holiday!

1. You get more value for your money

Puerto de la cruz Photo •   By davidionut
Puerto de la cruz Photo • By davidionut

It is much cheaper to go on beach holidays in Europe during the winter than during the summer. You can save money on flight tickets, accommodations, and even dining during the months of October through March.

2. The weather is warmer 

Canary Islands Photo •  By Lunamarina
Canary Islands Photo • By Lunamarina

European beach destinations are still warmer in winter than the UK, despite not being quite as hot as their summer counterparts!

The average daily temperature in the Algarve in October is 23°C, while the Canary Islands have a healthy 22°C. There are 325 sunny days a year on Spain’s Costa del Sol, while Cyprus achieves average temperatures of 17°C in January.

 Putting this into perspective, July is the hottest month in the UK when we experience an average daily temperature of 18°C and just 60 sunny days on average a year.

3. Staying at home is probably more expensive

In light of the skyrocketing cost of living this winter, it’s tempting to jet off to sunnier shores to escape the doom and gloom. According to statistics, spending six weeks in the Algarve will be cheaper for the average household than staying at home.

4. Quieter resorts

Cala Santanyi Mallorca Spain coastline Photo •   By pixelliebe
Cala Santanyi Mallorca Spain coastline Photo • By pixelliebe

Are you more interested in peace and quiet than the hustle and bustle? If you want a relaxing break from all the madness, even the most popular resorts can be quiet in the winter.

5. Luxury accommodation can be cheaper

Santorini, Greece Photo •  By SCStock
Santorini, Greece Photo • By SCStock

Are you unable to afford that five-star hotel you’ve been dying to stay at between April and October? During November-March, demand is much lower, which means it will most likely be cheaper! The winter season is great for taking advantage of huge discounts and saving money on even the most luxurious hotels.

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