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Cuties and Pals kid’s animal bag is the perfect gift. This collapsible drawstring bag is lightweight, durable, and versatile. We offer a wide range of animal-themed kids’ School PE Drawstring Bags to suit children of all ages.

Are you looking for a fun school bag? Our Kids Animal Bag ensures your kids are prepared for PE or after-school sports. These Cuties & Pals bags are a great choice for children who want a bag that they can carry around easily and comfortably. With a combination of comfort and style, this School PE Drawstring Bag will provide them with what they need, whatever their favourite sport is. The Cuties & Pals range is cute, lovable and fun. Your little one is sure to love these playful Kids Animal Bag by “Cuties & Pals”.

School PE Drawstring Bag - Cuties & Pals

There is a zipper pocket inside the main compartment of this delightful kid’s drawstring bag. In addition, there is a zipped compartment at the front. It is lightweight and perfect for taking to the pool.

Inside Size: 40×30 cm. This bag is perfect for school, days out, gym, cycling, or other sports. The pockets are inside and outside, and the material is lightweight and high quality.

The children will feel more comfortable travelling when they take care of their own luggage as if it were a toy. It’s easy to see why kids love these Cuties & Pals bag companions.  You can’t go wrong with a Cuties and Pals bag that features an adorable cute face logo and a fully lined interior.



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