Travel Bags

At Xplore, we know travel isn’t just about suitcases. That’s why we have a range of travel bags that will complement your journey, including; hand luggage, everyday leisure bags or bags for when travelling with technology. Whether it is leather or more durable materials we’ve got it covered. Featuring a wide range of backpacks, business bags, messenger bags, holdalls and many more there is something for everyone.  

Our top Travel bags:

A Gino Ferrari Garment Bag is designed for the working professional and their travel needs. Laptop Roller Case for business trips, the easy-glide 16″ Brooklyn Laptop roller case is an excellent choice. Gino Ferrari Eros – Smart Backpack is a smart backpack designed to safely transport your technology, whilst also maintaining a stylish exterior. This smart backpack is perfect for daily use and is built for every journey.

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