Small Luggage

Small luggage is perfect for weekend breaks or hand luggage depending on airline restrictions. Browse the Xplore range of small suitcases. With various colours, finishes and styles there is something for everyone. At Xplore, we know more and more people are travelling with only a cabin bag these days. That’s why we have dedicated a category to our wide range of hand luggage, cabin-friendly cases. Whether hard-sided or soft-sided, 2, 4 or 8 wheels, find your perfect cabin bag to bring on board or for your next trip away. Hand luggage, cabin baggage, carry-on. Don’t get confused, they are all the same bit of kit. They are all items of luggage you take with you into the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Mostly an aeroplane, but also a train at times. Store it in the space available (usually under the seat in front of you or overhead in a rack or locker), for easy access to essentials on your journey. As for the case itself, go hard or soft, depending on your needs and preferences.

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