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Our Guide To Pack Like a Pro


A Guide on How To Pack Like a Pro.

The Xplore team are no strangers to travel, and created this guide to share their tips on the least fun part of your trip.

  • Create a packing list: As simple as it sounds, making a list to help you pack is always a good idea. Making notes of what you’ll be doing on your trip and what you want to wear, will really help ensure you’re packing everything you need. With a list you can cross off items once they are in your suitcase, hopefully making forgetting your favourite and essentials a thing of the past.
  • Rolling: When you think about it rolling your clothing takes up less surface area than folding, no matter how neat you are. Rolling your clothing will also reduce wrinkles as well as the amount of space taken up, as items can be compactly packed into luggage sides and corners. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll not go back.
  • Packing cubes/separators: In recent years packing cubes or separators have become increasingly popular. These soft, compact cubes are extremely helpful for helping separate items when travelling and are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your travel needs. Due to the cube, building block style these separators are easy to organise, stack and help fill every inch of your suitcase – ultimately maximising the space available.
  • Know if you can take an extra piece of hand luggage: Although every airline is different, nowadays several airlines allow you to take a personal item such as a small handbag and a carry-on. To avoid confusion and ensure you’re making the most of the luggage allowance paid for, check what your allowance is to maximise your storage on board.
  • Fill dead space: If you’re using packing cubes you’re already covered, but fill dead space in your suitcase as this will help your items to remain compact, and not move around as much during your travel time. Whether this is rolling underwear down the corners and sides to fulfil any gaps, or stuffing socks into your shoes to help keep their shape, make the most of any empty space there is.
  • Take photos: If you want to be extra organised, take photos of your clothes paired into outfits before they are packed away into your suitcase. Not only will this help make the packing process more efficient by only packing complete looks, throughout your trip if you are struggling to find outfits use these as a reminder that you packed everything you need.

Top tip: whenever you’re packing for any trip, ensure to check the cabin size restrictions as these vary between airlines to avoid disappointment.

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